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In home pet sitting at your home

I will come to your home and take care of your pet(s) with love and attention. If 24 hour care is required because your pet(s) have special care requirements please contact me for pricing. Included in a regular over night stay is feeding morning and night, one 30 min walk, taking in mail, watering plants, etc.

Daily pet walking or pet visits

I will come to your home take your pet(s) for a walk, play with them, feed them, provide attention or whatever they need. 

It is very important for your pet(s) to receive daily exercise, love and attention! I am here to provide this for your pet(s). I want to put your mind at ease while you are away. If you get stuck down in the city, call me I will go let your pet(s) out and feed them.

Service Provided


Price - more than 2 pets

In Home Pet Sitting (your home)

Starting at $65.00 per night

$5.00 Additional per Dog

$3.00 Additional per Cat

Pet day visits, walking, playing, loving, litter box cleaning

15 minute Visit = $18 Dog - $12 Cat

30 Minute Visit = $20 Dog - $18 Cat

45 Minute Visit = $28 Dog

60 Minute Visit = $35 Dog

$5.00 Additional per Dog

$3.00 Additional per Cat